The Brain Scoop: Episode 38

In an attempt to report on up-to-date research in a timely fashion, we shifted our scheduling around to accommodate the recently published description of the world’s latest carnivore: the Olinguito! I wrote a brief post about my introduction to this fascinating creature recently, but the tale behind its discovery deserves a retelling from Bill Stanley, mammalogist and Collections Manager. Plus, we wanted to get his bearded face on camera before he shaves it all off. 

Way to go, Museums! FOR THE WIN. I can’t wait to discover my own species, tucked away in the back of a cabinet or mingled in with others in a drawer. It’ll happen.


this movie is the biggest inspiration ever since i found out it was just some college kids that made it on their own without a studio and stuff and it made millions of dollars and that stuff keeps me goin

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Doctor Who Rewatch:
↳ 1.09/1.10 | The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances

And everybody lives, Rose! Everybody lives! I need more days like this.

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"Whats the matter? Never taken a shortcut before?" (The cornetto trilogy)

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